Karlovassi is the second largest town of Samos and it counts on 5,000 inhabitants most of whom are engaged in tourism and fishing.
The town is a considerable commercial and economic center of the island and the locals are living on agriculture, mainly viniculture and olive tree culture, on services and on tourism.

Karlovasi is the seat of the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Aegean. As raw materials for tanning are available on the island, many tanneries had been developed here in the past, which was a source of richness and prosperity. Most of these workshops closed during the World War II and the civil war that followed, whereas the last of them closed more recently due to the diffusion of chemical raw materials.

Karlovasi has a lot of tourist facilities and infrastructure to offer to the visitors. There are many alternatives for accommodation, both within the town and in the area around, offering high quality services. There are also many taverns and restaurants with various dishes. Also, there are many alternatives for entertainment and amusement: music bars and clubs, especially for younger people, play any kind of music, from the local and Greek music to the most updated foreign songs.