Efpalinion Orygma

Pithagorio 831 03, Greece


Efpalinion Orygma (or the trench of Efpalinos) at about 2 km from Pythagorio. This ancient tunnel was specifically designed by Efpalinos and constructed in order to transfer water from the “Agiades” source to several places in Samos. Its length is 1036 m and it traverses the mountain “Kastro” from the northeast to the southwest 189 m  beneath the mountain peek.

What is amazing is that the tunnel construction began simultaneously on both edges and workers met in the middle of the distance, with only 5 m. of divergence! The aqueduct was used until the end of the Roman Period.

The Tunnel of Eupalinus bears testimony to the treasure of knowledge that the ancient Greeks possessed. It was definitely an admirable feat to build this tunnel at a time when technology was not as available or as advanced as it is today. What makes this structure even more fascinating is the sheer precision and skillfulness that went into creating this place. There is therefore little doubt as to why the Tunnel of Eupalinus never ceases to amaze both scientists and visitors alike.