Agia Paraskeuh

The beach of Agia Paraskevi is located after the cape Kotsikas, in the Nisi area, in the eastern part of

Gagou beach

Gangou beach is located about two kilometres from the centre of Samos town. The water is clean and crystal clear,


Glykoriza Beach is located just before Pythagorion. Above the beach is the hotel Glykoriza and the name of the beach


It is a small seaside settlement of about 140 inhabitants between Tsabou beach and Tsamadou beach at a distance of


Tsambou Beach located just outside Avlakia  a large bay that is sometimes affected by winds, the lovely beach of Tsabou


Potokaki is a long pebbled beach located 14km west of Vathy, the capital of Samos, and 3 km from Pythagorio.


Roditses is a small pebbled beach in a walking distance from Vathy, the capital of Samos. Few hotels are located