It is located in the northwest part of the island, southwest of Karlovassi. Its name derives from the name of its first inhabitant who was named “Drakos“.

This name is no longer occurring in the village.When Samos was a Hegemony, this village joined with the neighboring village of Kallithea, constituted the Municipality of “Kalabachtasi” but later they separated into different communities.

It’s built on rocky, steep slopes but there’s enough vegetation. The view to the sea is great especially during sunset in the summer.Western to the village it is found the site of Pyrgaki, according to local tradition at this place there used to be a “vigla”, that is to say a watch-tower from where they could inspect the sea up to the coast of Ikaria and Chios in the distance.

It was from this place that the rest of the watch towers of the island were informed about the forthcoming invasions of pirates or, during the Greek National Revolution of 1821, of the Ottomans.

One of the settlements belonging to the village of Drakeoi is that of Aghios Isidoros, a settlement with only few permanent residents but well known for the traditional shipyards where they built wooden caiques and boats. Beside Aghios Isidoros it is situated the beach of Varsamo, a beach of breathtaking wild beauty, where the visitor may also find a lodging and enjoy nice local food in the traditional tavern.