Continuing on the same road, 24 km after passingMarathokambos, you will find the village of Kallithea. It was earlier called Prinias (brier tree) because of the many such bushes that were growing in the area. Joined with the village of Drakei they formed the municipality of Kalabachtasi but later on they were separated in two villages.

Kallithea is the most western village of Samos and has a breathtaking view of Ikaria and Chios. Moreover, it is famous for the fascinating sunset, especially in summer. The locals live on agriculture, mostly on the cultivation of olive trees, and on stockbreeding.

In the past, the village also produced charcoal.Several dirt roads lead to the beach of Aghios Isiodoros situated in a small cove. At Aghios Isidoros it is situated the last of the traditional shipyards still working; in the past there were several of them and they built wooden caiques and boats.

Another dirt road leads to the mountain, to the site of Askitaria, at an altitude of some 700 meters. The place has been named after the numerous small churches, some of them built and other arranged in caves, where hermits and monks used to live.

The area is overgrown and offers an excellent view.