Σάμος, Ελλάδα


The village is located 5 km southwest of Karlovasi. The name derives from its first inhabitant, an Albanian named Lekka who came to Samos to escape from the persecution of the Turks sometime probably around 1715.

The village has an excellent view to the northeast, you can see the valley and city of Karlovasi, the northwest section of the Karvounis mountain in central Samos and the sea all the way to the Asia Minor coast.

The residents are occupied in agriculture and especially with vineyards and olive trees.The central square of the village offers a nice view to the plain and the sea and several traditional cafés are arranged around a huge plane tree shading the site.

One kilometer northwestern to the village you will find the old settlement of Agios Panteleimon, with the homonymous church situated by the ravine of Kastania, a place full of current waters, lush vegetation and surrounded by mountains; the place is accessible on foot.

The locals use to call this settlement “Sourlaeoi”, after the name of the first resident whose name was Stamoulos Sourlis.