The village of Mytilinii is an attractive and verdant place located on a valley, 10 km south-west of Vathy. It has a population of about 2500 inhabitants and is full of beautiful houses, churches and chapels.

The village has been named after its first settlers who came from the island of Mytilini (Lesbos). In the times of flourishing of the tobacco cultivation, this village was the one with the highest production of tobacco on the island.The famous Museum of Natural History of the village attracts many visitors, but accommodation facilities are only few in the settlement.

However, you will certainly enjoy the traditional local dishes in the taverns and restaurants available in the village.The village has a very interesting paleontological museum with a rich collection of relics of rare animals found in the area around.

The finds have been brought to light from excavations carried out as early as in late 19 th century, several finds are also displayed in museums and private collections abroad.

Remains of cyclopean walls as well as other finds from prehistory and early antiquity have also been found in the area, which indicates that the place was inhabited from early prehistoric times.