Spatharei 831 04, Greece


Five km from Pyrgos on the road that connects it with Pagondas and on the west slopes of Karvounis mountain you’ll find the village of Spatharei, one of the highest altitude ones on the island.

The name could be deriving from one of its first residents, a priest named Spathas who was the father of 18 children as Ep. Stamatiades conveys us. However Nik. Dimitriou disagrees mentioning that the name derives from the Euboean village named Spatharei.

The village offers a breathtaking view: from here you may see the coast of Marathokambos, the imposing mountain Kerkis, but also some of the islands of the Dodecanese complex, as well as the islands of Fournoi and Ikaria in the distance.

Several coastal settlements, more recently founded, belong to Spatharaeoi: Zefyros, Apostolos Pavlos, Vergi, Kalogeriko, Kyrgiani, Limnionaki, Metohi and Sykia, the islet of Samiopoula is also part of the territory of the village.