Potami Waterfalls

Unnamed Road,, Samos 832 00, Greece


Samos is an island that leaves you breathless with its exceptional natural beauty. One of these places is arguably the waterfalls of Karlovasi, in the area of Potami.

These waterfalls form two small lakes with crystalline waters, ideal for swimming. If you follow the road west from Karlovassi that leads towards the harbor, you will end up in Potami beach. The area receives hundreds of visitors during the summer to admire the magnificent beauty. The access to these waterfalls is relatively easy through a nice path.

At the end of this path, you will meet the smallest of the two waterfalls. From there, you need to climb several steps (about 50 to 60) in order to reach the other waterfall. On your way there is a lovely beach and a beautiful forest.