Pythagorion is a lovely cosmopolitan coastal town situated at the southern coast of the eastern part of the island, some 12 kilometers southern to the town of Samos.
The town has been named after Pythagoras, the great ancient philosopher and mathematician. The actual town, extended around the port, has been built on the ruins of the ancient city of Samos.
The town counts some 1.400 permanent residents, in their majority occupied in tourism. The historical town of Pythagorio has become a major tourist resort. Old and well-preserved houses with the characteristic red tied roofs, narrow alleys, cafeterias, restaurants and nice taverns make up a lively and charming place to spend your summer holidays. Around the port lie many excursion and fishing boats.
The pretty village is built amphitheatrically around the natural bay, where the ancient town of Samos was found.The beach is located within a short walking distance from the settlement of Pythagorio and is ideal for all ages. It attracts visitors for its crystalline waters and the impressive surrounding.